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Our health care system is broken. Obamacare, while well-intentioned, simply made the problem worse. We all agree that health care should be more accessible, affordable, and innovative. But how do we get there?

What we need are more organic solutions that empower patients — like more flexible health care plans — and respect the doctor-patient relationship. This path leads to more affordable health care, easier access to services for everyone, and more innovative, life-saving treatments.

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The Problem

There are thousands of examples of government regulations that do more harm than good. Business owners spend more time worrying about complying with constantly changing regulations and less time creating new products and services that improve our lives. The cost of regulations can often cause businesses to close their doors, or never open in the first place.

The Solution

There’s already too much regulation on every part of our daily life. Before a government agency proposes a new regulation, it should have to show how much the regulation would cost taxpayers. Also, our elected officials need to go through the existing regulations and weed out the ones that are not absolutely necessary.

Make It Happen

There’s a lot we can do stop new regulations before they get started, and fix old ones. Here’s how:

  1. Pay attention to the news. If you hear about a new regulation, check it out and see what the impact would be for you.
  2. Share a link to this page on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Share one of the photos at the top on Instagram.
  4. Email this page to a friend who is also concerned about big government.
  5. Talk to people in your community about your concerns and ideas to fix regulations.
  6. When you find a regulation that doesn’t make sense, contact your state legislators, congressman or senators and let them know.

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Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to lower healthcare costs, but it has done just the opposite. Why? Because it ignored the realities of how markets work. Check out this video from Prager University for a quick look at why we pay so much, and what can be done about it.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.”

Abraham Lincoln

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