Helping the Poor

America is an incredibly prosperous and generous nation. We have both the desire and the means to help people who are hurting and in need. But welfare programs not only trap generations in dependence by creating warped incentives, it also withholds their opportunity to pursue the American Dream.

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The Problem

There are thousands of examples of government regulations that do more harm than good. Business owners spend more time worrying about complying with constantly changing regulations and less time creating new products and services that improve our lives. The cost of regulations can often cause businesses to close their doors, or never open in the first place.

The Solution

There’s already too much regulation on every part of our daily life. Before a government agency proposes a new regulation, it should have to show how much the regulation would cost taxpayers. Also, our elected officials need to go through the existing regulations and weed out the ones that are not absolutely necessary.

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